About Us

About Us

Created in 2015, Uptown Montessori provides a nurturing and educational environment for students and parents. The school offers children the opportunity to have a head start in an increasingly competitive education system. Uptown Montessori School is dedicated to providing a safe and encouraging environment through the Montessori philosophy which has a remarkably long-lasting impact on learning, development, health, and well-being.  

Uptown Montessori delivers a strong concept that has the simple goal of offering the highest quality educational and life experience. With state-of-the-art equipment and a simple structured operation, the Uptown Montessori model has successfully brought high-end early education centers to Ontario. Now ready to expand, Khan has great insights for replicating the business from successfully implementing systems over the years based on his experience and wisdom.

Knowledge is Powerful and Profitable!

Teaching Success Through Our Proven Business Model And Brand.


The Uptown Montessori School is dedicated to delivering stimulating learning experiences in a nurturing environment to heighten children’s social, intellectual, physical, and emotional development. Our proven model follows a successful business system, which has been in practice for almost a decade. The company has been designed with structured management that is easily replicated with anyone who appreciates and understands the value of the Montessori approach.

Our mission is to offer the best business experience possible by providing new partners with outstanding initial training and comprehensive support, growing one franchise at a time. Because the business works with families from upper-middle-income demographics, the concept has a strong potential for profitability. Franchisees have the opportunity for success under a national brand using the Uptown Montessori name and system. 

Uptown Montessori has a robust concept that fits into one of the more predominant niche franchise markets in today’s economy. Our model presents a very strong potential for a fast ROI as child care is needed in all types of environments. Are you ready to combine all the perks of being your own boss with the confidence of a trusted brand and proven business model? Join the Uptown Montessori team!